This is how it began

like every other teenager in my early youth I was looking for the right path. I tried to peruse a profession in health but at every turn I would realize that I do not fit the description. I gave up and started fallowing my passion in automotive industry and worked religiously for 8 years at a body shop thinking this is my destiny and my future. Cars have always been my passion and yet I never understood how it feels to talk passionately about you job. listening to my friends who were in food business and hearing the happy joy in their voice while they nag about the hard work and long hours got me thinking. I suddenly realized the Erfan inside me who always cooked for his loved ones and gather them around the table to share the love,would enjoy long hours and the hard work if only he could share the love with more than just his family. 

So I started building my own food truck. It took more than an average food truck build out cause your skills as an amture mechanic who sat behind a desk for 8 years could go so far. we finally packed our belongings and hit the road and moved from Maryland to ,Elk Grove, California. This land is the ideal playground for the food trucks and i wanted to work with best ones in the industry. even though I ran through lots of walls and had to deal with more stress that i had faced working behid the desk for 8 years. i would still do it again and now I wake up Everyday feeling content. It doesn't matter where or when you find your path but when you find it cherish it cause not everone is lucky enough to do what they love. I consider me one of those lucky people.       

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